Hello, Beautiful! I'm Kara Marie...


...and I'm in the business of beauty.  I'm not talking about the type of beauty that you smother all over your face or stuff your hot bod into. I'm talking about the beauty that you feel from the inside out. I'm talking CONFIDENCE. I'm talking "Look out world, I'm a strong, beautiful, BADASS!"

My FAVORITE genre of photography allows me to give women the same transformation, and then....AND THEN photograph the *expletive* out of them in such a way that anyone looking at the set of photos is in awe of the subject's femininity, confidence, and beauty.


This is my full time gig, ladies. I SPECIALIZE in beauty + boudoir photography. What does that mean for you? That means that you are in the very capable hands of someone who does this ALL the time. Not just every now and then in between family photo shoots and weddings. Though, don't think that's where not where I started! I've dabbled in just about all types of photography, and have narrowed my specialization over the last 10 years into exclusively shooting boudoir. Because I love it THAT much. 

Black & White imagery is my specialty. I pay extra special attention to tones and highlights and shadows which means that each and every photo you'll see of yourself, your favorite features are emphasized, and your "mayyybe don't showcase that bit" parts are cloaked in shadows and deep silvery tones. I'm kind of a nerd about it, actually. I constantly have to remind myself that my clients don't care about the techie nerd photographer talk, just that they look incredible-- which they do. So I've gotcha covered. 

I BELIEVE that boudoir is for everybody and every BODY.  I believe that a belly laugh is the sexiest thing a woman can wear.  I believe that you don't need to buy anything fancy to wear for your session and that what you've got going on naturally is jusssssst perfect. I believe that you should do this for YOURSELF...gift giving is just a bonus for some other lucky human.  I believe these images are meant to be shown off...there is no feeling like seeing yourself as a badass up on your own walls every single day.  You'll believe that, too, once I'm done with you!

Take a peek inside the Kara Marie Boudoir studio's Austin boudoir experience and watch our above promo video by the talented Eugene + Heather!


Named the 2017 Boudoir Photographer of the Year by the Association of International Boudoir Photographers , winning multiple awards for business practices and individual digital and print photographic works, educating other industry boudoir photographers, and gracing the cover and inside spreads of several industry magazines, you can rest assured that you are in the VERY capable hands of a quality professional with Kara Marie Trombetta of Kara Marie Boudoir. 

Beauty & Boudoir photography is the ultimate experience for ANY woman. I don't care who you are, what you look like, what size your jeans are, how old you are, what your marital status is, or what you put on your toast in the morning (but bonus points if you say Nutella).  This type of portraiture is for EVERY woman. It is meant to make EVERY woman feel her absolute best. Sure, sure, these photos make for phenomenal gifts to your significant other if that's what you decide to do with them...but what's better is that it's the best gift you can give yourself. 

My beauty and boudoir clients range from the recently divorced woman who is celebrating her "re-release" into the world, to the mother of 4 who hasn't felt pretty in a decade, to the single and proud who wants to celebrate herself, to college grad who is tired of feeling "adorable" and wants to rock her sexy. 

So, in case I haven't made my point clear....I am talking directly to YOU.  Let's make you feel sexy, shall we?

The "Lady" Behind the Lens...


I'm a mother and soccer mom to two very handsome, very fun-loving, very attention-needy little boys (11 and 5), the full-time owner/photographer/business manager/bookkeeper/marketing executive/social media manager/customer service representative of this awesome business, the owner of Kara Marie Portraits: An Austin Portrait Rental Studio for other photographers, and married to another Austin Business owner (Shout out to my husband Joey and his awesome Austin business.)

SO, as you can imagine, my day-to-day life isn't exactly GLAM.  If I was ambitious enough to even wear one, I remove my bra the second I get home from work.  I have a large drawer in my bathroom solely dedicated to dry shampoo.  I wake up at 5:30am every.single.day.without.fail. I crash into bed at 8:30pm utterly exhausted. It's a very fulfilling life, yes.  But consistently glamorous, it is not. 

 The second I had my first boudoir shoot in my crappy apartment in Erie, PA (with a friend-slash-client who reluctantly paid me $100 for "sexy photos" for her boyfriend), over 10 years ago, I knew that making women feel beautiful was what I wanted to do forever. I know how powerful an AMAZING photo of yourself is, and I also know how damaging an awful photo of yourself can be. So I have spent the past 10 years fine tuning my craft, my business, and photographing over 4,500 women of all different shapes, sizes, and walks of life(yes, really. I just did the math.)

When I'm in a shoot, I am truly having so much fun. I'm a total goofball. I use whatever means necessary to elicit true laughter from my clients. I honest-to-goodness-100%-without-hesitation can tell you that I LOVE my job. I adore it. I hope that shines through my images.

OH, and I'm also obsessed with chocolate.  And 80's romantic comedies. And I wear all black everything....like...all the time.


You should know that my boudoir philosophy revolves around this crazy idea that women owe it to themselves to embrace their womanhood and claim their sexuality as something that belongs to THEMSELVES. It's not for anyone else to take.  Because I once was one, I've felt such a strong calling to help abused girls, to be a voice for them, and to support them financially as much as I can. When Steven Tyler launched Steven Tyler's Janie's Fund [A big voice for abused girls], that added even more to his HERO status in my mind and I wanted to be a part of the support team.

That said, I am proud to announce that I am officially a fundraiser for Steven Tyler's Janie's Fund, and on top of personal contributions, will be donating a portion of all boudoir photography profits to this charity, from now through my birthday [August 16th].


The Experience...

You contact me. You tell me that you want to feel beautiful.  You tell me what you envision for your boudoir photos. I listen. We brainstorm together. I send you a very detailed digital guide that will walk you through the Kara Marie Beauty + Boudoir experience. You ask me questions. I answer them.  I touch base with you a few days before your shoot to confirm the details and check on you. On the day of your shoot, we greet you warmly, go through your wardrobe, and get you started with my makeup artist.  She already knows the concept of your shoot and the look we are going for.  She enhances your best facial features and makes you look even more stunning than you already are. I check out your wardrobe options and put together looks while you are still getting your makeup done.  I am inspired by your personality, your wardrobe, your mood board.  We talk. We laugh. We create your first look together. I show you exactly what to do. The.Whole.Time.

I direct you every step of the way.  We change looks.  We continue on for the duration of your shoot. At the end you won’t believe how fast it went. You had so much fun. You want to do it again. 2-3 weeks later, you come back to the studio for your photo reveal. I will show you a slideshow of my favorite images and then we view the whole collection together.  You want to show the images to the world. Your order a giant piece of wall art even though you swore you would never want to do that. You are so proud of your photos. You order an album.  You get your album.  You don’t want to give it to anyone. You love it that much. YOU. FEEL. AMAZING.