You did it! You survived your shoot! Don't you feel fabulous!? Woot! 

Now that your shoot is over, let me walk you through what you can expect!  Within 48 hours of your shoot, I will send you one or two "teaser" images that I love so you can get a little taste of how awesome you really did.  I will get to work on selecting the very best images from your session (professional models usually see about 3 out of every 300 images shot...and you'll see at least 40! THAT'S how awesome you are ;) ) and enhancing them.  The "enhancements" I speak of are color correction, contrast, sharpening, and a subtle skin smoothing...sometimes I convert images to black and white when I feel it will look best for that particular image. I love me some black and white :)  
I will get in touch with you to schedule your photo viewing when your images are ready (usually about 2 weeks after your session).  This can be done right in your house, or we can meet up for a coffee or a cocktail (and get the corner booth so no one can see the screen!!!) to review your enhanced images. I will also have a digital album layout for you that I have custom designed with my recommended selections. Depending on the package you selected, you may or may not have an album included already. Even if you don't, you will receive a $50 discount off of any album ordered during your photo viewing! Trust me, you're going to want an album. You will also receive a 10% discount off of any additional prints or digital downloads you would like to order during your viewing session. 

Any images purchased for print (either in fine art print form or album form) will also receive an extra fine-tooth-comb editing. That would include taming a few stray hairs, a little extra skin smoothing where necessary, or small items removed from the background of images. Additional retouching is available upon request at an additional charge. We can discuss this on a case-by-case basis if you see an image you would be head over heels in love with if ONLY your right breast were a little perkier ;) I've been there, girl! 

After I have your order, I will leave our meeting and process it right away!  If you have digital files included in your package, or if you purchased any during your photo viewing, I will deliver them to you electronically within 24 hours of your meeting. 

Album turnaround time is usually 4 weeks, same with heirloom photo boxes, and fine art prints usually arrive in about a week and a half.