ATTENTION BOUDOIR PHOTOGRAPHERS! There's a pretty amazing lineup for this year's AIBP boudoir retreat! I am incredibly honored to have been asked to speak on marketing at this year's retreat in New Orleans...although, ohmygosh, I'm a little (A LOT) nervous to be #1- Speaking alongside some seriously badass photography educators who are far more eloquent with their words in front of groups of people than I am. and #2- Going to NOLA. I must admit, as a very spiritual person who seems to be highly susceptible to spiritual happenings and other weirdness, NOLA has been on my "NO THANK YOU" list for my entire life. This was a good enough reason to squash that fear, though. So when I return, you'll be able to find me wrapped in sage and lit on fire...or something like that.  Marketing is my jam. Marketing without a huge advertising fund is even more my jam. SOO, yeah. I hope to be able to provide attendees with a really solid plan to boost boudoir business without spending a single cent of your advertising budget (or lack thereof).  


More importantly, you'll want to see all of the other insanely awesome speakers: Jennifer Rozenbaum speaking on flattering every woman though light/posing/wardrobe, Craig Lamere covering the one light revolution for boudoir, Jennifer Tallerico speaking on dominating your market through boudoir sub-niches, and Cate Scaglione speaking on Sales improv.  This is a really amazing and diverse lineup that you won't want to miss if you are in the boudoir business!   CLICK HERE TO READ MORE AND RESERVE YOUR SPOT!


Hey there, my fellow lady of the lens! Thanks for stoppin' by!

I get a lot of inquiries regarding boudoir workshops and whether or not I would consider teaching one. ME?  TEACCHHH???  Let me ponder this....

So here's the deal! I know my stuff. Really, I do. But communicating to large audiences is NOT one of my strengths. I like to keep my groups small. So if you see me at a speaking event this year, just know that I have probably had to be medicated and that I'm the most nervous I've ever been in my life. Really. 

But I digress, for the last few years I have been taking on private boudoir lessons for photographers who were eager to learn about boudoir photography (check out BOUDOIR MENTORING below!!!). I will continue to offer this service as long as my schedule permits!

I love helping other photographers discover their strengths and learn more about their passion.  The last 8+ years of my life have been completely immersed in all things photography....and I wouldn't have it any other way. If I could just sit around all day and help other photographers without sacrificing my passion for shooting, I totally would....but alas, in order to continue to love my life, I've got to continue to shoot.  I'm making it one of my priorities, though, to accept at least 4 one-on-one mentorships per year.

If you think you'd like to dip your toes in the water that is boudoir, or learn MORE about boudoir if you're already on a roll, and you feel like my boudoir philosophy and style syncs with yours, then let's chat, dahhling!


OK. Here's the deal. Anytime I have been to a photography workshop, I've always yearned for more one-on-one time with the instructor, and more hands-on learning.  My solution to helping other photographers WITHOUT giving workshops all the time (I'm not the most eloquent public speaker. Really), WITHOUT sacrificing my shoot time, all while MAXIMIZING the benefit for the "mentee" photographer is my 3 month one-on-one mentoring program OR a 1-day intensive one-on-one workshop. This is SUPER comprehensive, y'all.

We will discuss your business as it is now, as well as where you want it to be.  I'll do a review of your website, social media, and portfolio and create an action plan for you to improve all of those facets of your business.

Also covered throughout the program is unlimited email Q&A, a brief look at your pricing and sales process, post-processing, portfolio building, and a digital copy of the EXPLOIT Yourself guide (revamp coming soon!) for boudoir photographers and the INSTAGRAM guide for boudoir photographers.

If you have the ability to travel to Austin, it is also an option to add-on a shoot to learn even more about the process of shooting boudoir. We can shoot a model together, I will explain my processes and will direct you through the shoot.  You also have the option to add on your own shoot experience for $500. That will put you in the passenger seat for an actual boudoir experience with me. 

If you are ready to catapult your boudoir business in the right direction, this is for you! Because of the time commitment, I can only take a very limited number of mentor partnerships each year. The 3 month program -OR- the all day one-on-one workshop is $2500 and can be broken down into 4 payments of $625.  Mentorships are available only to photographers NOT in the Austin area or immediate vicinity. The shoot add-on is $500 additional. 

Want to find out my availability for a mentorship? Let's chat!!

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