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Throughout my decade-long career as a photographer, I have thrived in two VERY different markets, I have been booked to capacity, I have ONLY been on an upward trajectory of earnings from year to year, and I have never, EVER stopped collecting knowledge on this industry.  Running a bustling boudoir studio and being an actual full-time working boudoir photographer most definitely add to my ability to be able to teach relevant material boudoir photographers in all stages of their journey.

While my work has continued to evolve and improve, it is my passion for providing outstanding customer service and running a sustainable, successful business that are my teachable strengths to others. 

If you're frustrated with your business, if you're trying to specialize in boudoir, if you don't understand why your inbox is empty, if you aren't making enough money, if you feel like the market you're serving just cannot afford you, then: let's chat, dahhling!



OK. Here's the deal. Anytime I have been to a photography workshop, I've always yearned for more one-on-one time with the instructor, and more hands-on learning.  My solution to helping other photographers WITHOUT being a full-time educator, WITHOUT sacrificing my shoot time, all while MAXIMIZING the benefit for the "mentee" photographer is my  1-day intensive one-on-one workshop. This is SUPER comprehensive AND customized, y'all.

We will discuss your business as it is now, as well as where you want it to be.  I'll do a review of your website, social media, and portfolio and create an action plan for you to improve all of those facets of your business.  Also covered throughout the program is unlimited email Q&A, a brief look at your pricing and sales process, post-processing, portfolio building, client experience, and the shoot process if it would be helpful to you.

If you have the ability to travel to Austin for your mentorship, it is also an option to add-on a shoot to learn even more about the process of shooting boudoir. We can shoot a model together, I will explain my processes and will direct you through the shoot.  You also have the option to add on your own shoot experience for $500. That will put you in the passenger seat for an actual boudoir experience with me. 

For those unable to travel to Austin, we are able to arrange a long-distance mentorship with the help of video chats, emails, and phone calls. 

If you are ready to catapult your boudoir business in the right direction, this is for you! Because of the time commitment, I can only take a very limited number of mentor partnerships each year. My all day one-on-one workshop is $3000+tax and can be broken down into 4 payments of $750+tax.  Mentorships are available only to photographers NOT in the Austin area or immediate vicinity. The shoot add-on is $500 additional. 

Want to find out my availability for a mentorship? Let's chat!!

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